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Diamond Farm Ltd is a pioneering mixed farming agricultural enterprise situated in the Rusororo sector of Kigali, Rwanda. Established in 2022, our company embodies a visionary approach to the integration of crop and animal production, addressing an underdeveloped facet of Rwanda’s agricultural landscape.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Diamond Farm Ltd aims to redefine farming paradigms in Rwanda through a harmonious fusion of creativity and innovation. Our endeavor is to exemplify the substantial augmentation that livestock can bring to agricultural output, revenue generation, and the enhanced sustainability of both annual and cropping systems.

A Rich History of Dedication, Quality, and Commitment


We uphold stringent quality control standards by conducting hatchery operations using our proprietary breeder flocks, which are meticulously maintained on our premises. Each stage of the process is subjected to thorough scrutiny and validation, ensuring unwavering precision and uncompromising quality


Commencing with the breeder chicken phase, the meticulous process encompasses hand gathering and careful tray handling of eggs. This is followed by precise incubator setting and systematic monitoring, including candling to ascertain fertility. Subsequently, the attentive extraction of chicks from the incubators and the meticulous packing of orders tailored to accommodate varying weather conditions and extended travel distances are rigorously executed steps within the operational sequence


At Diamond Farm, we maintain a team of experienced and supportive professionals dedicated to guiding you through every facet of your poultry venture. Our commitment lies in providing a streamlined and seamless journey, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and unwavering confidence in our services