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DFR takes immense pride in providing premium-quality fertilized chicken eggs. Our dedication to excellence starts with meticulous breeding and attentive care, ensuring that our eggs are not only fresh but also brimming with exceptional flavor and nutritional value. From our farms to your table, you can trust in the superior quality and richness of our fertilized chicken eggs.

Fertility and Quality


Fertilized chicken eggs are carefully selected for their fertility and quality. These eggs come from hens and roosters with strong genetics, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful hatching and the development of healthy chicks.

Nutritional Value


Fertilized chicken eggs are often considered to have slightly different nutritional profiles compared to non-fertilized eggs. They may contain slightly more nutrients due to the presence of a developing embryo. Some people believe that fertilized eggs have a richer flavor, but this can vary based on personal preference.

At DFR, the journey to excellence begins with great care and precision, even before incubation. Loading the fertilized eggs into our state-of-the-art incubators is a crucial step in the process. We handle each egg with the utmost care, ensuring that the conditions are perfect for the development of healthy and robust chicks. This meticulous approach from the very start is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-quality poultry products.

After 21 days of meticulous incubation, our baby chicks emerge as the embodiment of promise and potential. These young ones represent the future of our poultry farm, and we take great pride in their healthy development. With strong genetics and careful nurturing, these baby chicks are poised to become the cornerstone of thriving poultry operations, and they embody the dedication and expertise that define our approach at DFR.

At DFR, we take pride in raising full-grown broilers that are ready for the next stage of their journey in just 5 weeks. These birds have been carefully nurtured and grown with optimal nutrition and care. Their quick development reflects our commitment to efficiency and quality in providing poultry products for our customers.

Following the processing phase, our chickens undergo vacuum-sealing to maintain their freshness and flavor. This meticulous packaging method ensures that our poultry products reach you in pristine condition, preserving their quality and taste for a delicious dining experience.

Our chickens are renowned for their juicy, succulent meat that serves as the perfect canvas for culinary creativity. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or crafting a delectable dish, our chicken’s exceptional flavor and tenderness make it an ideal choice to transform into mouthwatering culinary creations.